AMI’s Free Spinning Bearings are designed to excel in critical applications like pulp and paper converting, printing, and packaging. Precise raceway curvatures combined with superb surface finishes help provide a low coefficient of friction. To further reduce the rotational torque or drag, these bearings are lubricated with a low viscosity oil, or light consistency grease. We can make most bearing units Free Spinning, please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Set-Screw (SER) or Accu-Loc (SUE)
  • Low Drag/Non Contact Seal
  • Zone Hardened Wide Inner Ring
  • Bore Sizes:  1/2” ~ 2-7/16” or 20mm ~ 40mm
  • Oil Lubrication (FS) or Grease Lubrication (FSAM1)
  • AISI 52100 Steel and 440C Stainless Steel

Free Spinning Bearings utilize a formed metal slinger in conjunction with a modified Buna-Nitrile seal forming an effective labyrinth design.  Although there are two seals involved, there is actually no contact of the sealing elements with the rotating bearing components.  Yet the unique design does an excellent job of keeping out contamination, while yielding the lowest possible torque.