Proper lubrication is essential for adequate bearing life! A bearing cannot survive without it.

AMI Standard Lubricants:

AMI Bearings have an initial fill of lubricant when we manufacture them, therefore it is not necessary to lubricate prior to their initial operation. Below is a list of our standard lubricants and their basic physical properties.

APPLICATION General Purpose High Temperature Cold Temperature Free Spinning Food Grade
PRODUCT NAME Shell Gadus S2 V100 #3 Yuken Super-Lube #3
(HR5 Type)
Kluber Noxlub BF4026
(HR23 Type)
Shell AeroShell #7 Mobil Velocite 10
(FS or FSX type)
Mobilith SHC 100
(FSAM1 type)
Citgo Clarion HTEP # 2
Lubricant Type Grease Grease Grease Grease Oil Grease Grease
Color Amber Tan White Amber Red Off-White
NLGI Grade 3 3 2 2 N/A 2 2
Thickener Type Lithium Calcium Complex PTFE Microgel N/A Lithium Complex Aluminum Complex
Base Oil Type Mineral Oil Mineral Oil PFPE Synthetic Diester Mineral Oil PAO + Ester Mineral Oil
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C 100 cSt 300 cSt 390 cSt 10.3 cSt 22 cSt 110 cSt 954 cSt
Base Oil Viscosity @ 100°C 11 cSt 25 cSt 39 cSt 3.1 cSt 4 cSt 101 cSt
Operating Temperature Range -13°F ~ 265°F
(-25°C~ 130°C)
-4°F ~ 400°F
(-20°C~ 200°C)
-20°F ~ 500°F
(-30°C~ 260°C)
-100°F ~ 300°F
(-70°C~ 150°C)
-20°F ~ 250°F
(-30°C~ 120°C)
-40°F ~ 425°F
(-70°C~ 150°C)
-10°F ~ 325°F
(-12°C~ 160°C)

Relubrication Intervals:

Bearing Operating Temperature Environmental Condition
°F Clean Dirty Washdown or Extremely Dirty
Up to 122 12 months 6 months 3 months
Up to 158 6 months 2 months 1 month
Up to 212 3 months 2 weeks 1 week
Up to 248 6 weeks 1 week 3 days
Up to 302 2 weeks 3 days daily


Beware of Mixing Greases!
When two incompatible greases are mixed, either one of two things can happen. Either the mixture hardens and will not release any of the oil or the opposite effect; the mixture softens and releases all of the oil.
In either case, the end result is basically the same; there is no means to effectively lubricate the bearing. Two good greases, when mixed together can make one very bad grease!

It is recommended to use the same type of grease that was originally supplied with the bearing. When changes in grease type are necessary, please consult your lubricant supplier or AMI engineering staff to determine the compatibility of the mixture

Aluminum Complex Barium Bentonite Clay Calcium Calcium 12-Hydroxy Calcium Complex Calcium Sulfonate Lithium Lithium 12-Hydroxy Lithium Complex Polyurea Sodium
Aluminum Complex C I I I C I B I I C I I
Barium I C I I C I B I I I I I
Bentonite Clay I I C C C I B I I I I I
Calcium I I C C C B I C B B I I
Calcium 12-Hydroxy C C C C C B B C C C I I
Calcium Complex I I I B B C C I I C C I
Calcium Sulfonate B B B I B C C C C C B I
Lithium I I I C C I C C C C I B
Lithium 12-Hydroxy I I I B C I C C C C I I
Lithium Complex C I I B C C C C C C I B
Polyurea I I I I I C B I I I C I
Sodium I I I I I I I B I B I C